44Rihita has gained experience spanning over twenty five years from its inception in 1991 by dealing with only reputable and well organized companies, providing security surveillance, warehousing and logistics services for major organizations, banks, various industrial and residential concerns.

Rihita warehousing is a third party logistics provider specializing in full-service, client-specific solutions. Our collaborative effort of people, technology and location allow our customers to gain differentiation in their target markets and win customers.

Rihita has a philosophy of excellent customer service that is tailored to each individual’s specific needs. We are a staff of dedicated professionals whose goal is to provide clients with excellent warehousing, transportation and distribution services. We are uniquely positioned to leverage our considerable capabilities matched with extensive corporate resource and infrastructure that includes top-notch logisticians, distribution and warehousing specialists to achieve maximum value for our customers.

Our goal is to provide clients with high quality logistic services, optimizing the efficiency and minimizing the cost and transit time. We want our customers to be competitive in their industry, increasing their profitability by reducing the operational costs associated with their distribution chain.

We offer you business added value and efficiency with our fully integrated warehousing, fulfillment and distribution service. With our logistics expertise, and our extensive delivery network, we seamlessly link your business to your customers.

Rihita will manage the order fulfillment operations of companies throughout globe; you can rely on us to hold and manage your stock and efficiently distribute it to your customers. We’ll help streamline your procedures from manufacture to customer delivery enabling you to add value and strengthen relationships with your customers.